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Well, here we are. Nearing the end of first session already! It’s hard to believe that we had so much happen in four weeks! I watched it fly by in a flash, and have been so thrilled to see this incredible group come together in a truly magical way. I’ve seen the usual abundance of fun, cheering, games, silliness, and laughter, but I’ve also seen campers overcome fear or uncertainty, and then go on to help a friend conquer hers. I’ve seen shy, timid young girls emerge from their shells and find the kind of inner strength it takes to let loose and be a total goofball without thinking twice. I’ve seen new friends evolve into best friends. I’ve seen children grow into young adults. And all the while, we’ve had a blast!

Last week, we were delighted to host our annual visit from “Rose Quartz,” a mystery guest the whole camp looks forward to seeing each summer. This year we had not one, not two, but THREE Roses in former campers and counselors Emma Kravitz, Ellie Kahn, and Molly Harris. Kids of all ages were SUPER excited to see them and really enjoyed having them around camp for a few days.

We also held a special BT event called the Turtle Trot, which is always a huge success as it involves both the exhilaration of exercising in the outdoors AND the satisfying reward of ice cream! During the Turtle Trot, campers and staff have the option of taking part in one of three routes, varying in distance and difficulty. Avid runners might choose to run the longest route, which takes them down to Tamarack Village, to the ski point and back (about 1.5 miles). The mid-level route takes the racers to the ski point, finally finishing at the lodge (.75 miles). But for the less-enthusiastic runners, the easiest and perhaps funniest route involves a backward run around the lodge. After the campers have crossed the finish line (constructed of a sophisticated, state-of-the-art system comprised of two staff members holding a length of toilet paper between them), they head over to get their prize—loads and loads of ice cream, chocolate, butterscotch and crushed oreo toppings. Running around the lodge will get you one scoop of ice cream, the mid length route earns two scoops, while running long route warrants a total of three scoops of ice cream. Waterfront director Cabe motivated the campers to run to new distances, and Cabe’s cohorts—the rest of the male staff—supplied lots of ice cream and sprinkles afterwards. It was a total mess and the campers loved it! Later, we ended the day with a dance party, which was also wildly successful.

Among the dancing and ice cream sundaes, another fun highlight was Big Hair Night, where campers got to put gel mousse, hair spray, and even shaving cream into their counselors’ hair in order to create other hair styles like mohawks, beehives and pompadours! The weather has been warm but beautiful, setting the perfect backdrop to all our fun—and crazy—BT days.


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