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Why Birch Trail


“No Mean Girls”

We shape our community at camp so that our campers and staff feel accepted, safe and valued. Learn how we teach our campers the right ways to speak up for yourself and how to become upstanders instead of bystanders.


Experience Adventure

Wilderness trips are fun, new, exciting and challenging adventures for most campers; these special trips give campers the opportunity to discover a new world and to become comfortable in it.


Social and Emotional Learning

SEL development is our most important focus because study after study reveals that these skills will help improve children’s lives, increase their quality of life and reduce stress, and even make them happier, more successful adults.

2024 Camp Dates

1st Session: June 17th - July 13th

2nd Session: July 14th - August 8th

8 Week Session: June 17th - August 8th

A special place, just for girls!


Enjoy our video of the Birch Trail experience from a new family's perspective.

Birch Trail Camp for Girls, located in beautiful NW Wisconsin is a traditional camp for girls. We offer a large variety of land and water sports, climbing, wilderness trips, crafts, drama, horseback riding and much more (you name it-we teach it)! Birch Trail also has one of the country’s premier wilderness tripping programs. Birch Trail is a special place where girls cultivate friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy our video of the Birch Trail experience from a new family's perspective.

See what camp is like


I love Birch Trail’s culture of inclusiveness, acceptance of diversity, and no cliques.

Birch Trail provides a variety of amazing and truly differentiated trips that are rich in skill building, confidence building, team building, and just plain fun and crazy-interesting venues in nature.

I love the focus on developing friendships in a secure and nurturing environment; a place to take risks and try new things; appreciation for nature and the outdoors; encouraged to wear a tutu all summer long.

We love the No Mean Girls program and the emphasis you place teaching the girls to be upstanders vs. bystanders.

Birch Trail is geographically much more diverse than other camps and I love the approach they have to problem solving.  My daughter has learned so much at camp.

Birch Trail is different from other camp in so many ways.  The wilderness trips foster an appreciation of nature, the no mean girls program shows that kindness matters and they really focus on the growth and character building of the girls.

I love the laid back personality of Birch Trail, allowing campers to explore things, be flexible and stress free.  I feel like other camp are more “contrived” and un- friendly.

Birch Trail is an inclusive, creative and nurturing environment for a girl to grow.

A welcoming place where girls can explore their inner selves and an opportunity to experience things they don’t do at home.

My 9 year old said it’s a place to be herself!

A safe environment for a girl to be goofy, try new things and develop lifelong friendships.

The (Birch Trail) values are exactly what we were looking for.

A camp where you meet kids from all over the world. They limit enrollment so it prevents cliques from schools, trips are amazing, great food, and the staff are nurturing.

Love that my girls can be uninhibited and feel part of a community where you can be yourself.

Birch Trail’s staff is extremely help in working on communication between girls.

Great focus on the outdoors and wilderness trips and building relationships in a safe environment.

A great summer experience where girls can get away, be themselves and explore new experiences.

We like the wide-ranging program (activities as well as trips) and the fact that the girls learn about themselves and gain self-confidence and self-esteem at camp.

An all inclusive girls camp with a very healthy perspective on growing and nurturing independent girls able to problem solve and push themselves out of their comfort zone.

No judgments, silly, fun, and, carefree.

I love the philosophy of camp and how they teach inclusivity, no mean girls and no bullying.

The Chernov family are second parents to my daughter.

Builds self esteem, makes lasting special friendships.

Nurturing, helpful in guiding girls through challenges, respectful and understanding of the issues girls may encounter away from home and in a social environment.

Great values, fun and safe setting, Wonderful communication with parents.

Wonderful, warm, flexible, diverse.

It’s wonderful that our girls can have a fun filled four weeks with no drama.

I love the outdoor camping experience Birch Trail offers. The philosophy of inclusion, no bullying and personal growth are exactly what we were looking for.

Birch Trail gave my daughter the confidence to find her place and make new friends.

Terrific opportunity for girls to navigate adolescence without parent’s guidance.

Birch Trail is down to earth and attracts the nice kids from all around the world. I love the geographic diversity!

A great outdoors community where kids have the opportunity to learn, grow, and, build relationships on their own; without the influence of parents.

Birch Trail is a healthy, fun, spirited environment where girls can just be themselves.

We love how camp focuses on more than just day to day activities but promotes kindness and, open communications, etc.

Birch Trail is a fun, inclusive, engaging, character building, and activity filled amazing summer experience for girls.

Birch Trail is the greatest gift we could ever provide for our daughters!

My daughter came home with a noticeable increase in self confidence- thanks Birch Trail!

At Birch Trail, kids learn by opting into things that they like the most and get engaged through interactive/experiential learning.

What I like as a parent and what my girls and their friends appreciate is the concept of the older girls participating in ensuring that the younger girls are comfortable and having fun.  You are really the only camp that makes a big-sister program work.

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Camp Birch Trail Founders Fund

In celebration of Birch Trail and their 60th year, alumni and friends are raising funds in honor of the camp’s founders, Pat and Jerry Baer. Proceeds will benefit the Birch Trail campers who particapte in the Camp for All Kids Program.