For Gabe, the love of camping runs deep.

What's more, their love of caring for children and developing personal relationships with each and every camp family runs even deeper. Barbara not only has the experience of having sent three of her own children to summer camp but also of leading and watching over her camp kids. At Birch Trail, the whole Chernov family works together to create a summer home-away-from-home, where your daughter will grow and flourish, and—best of all—have the time of her life. A summer at Birch Trail is a tremendous gift that you give to your daughter. We take this gift seriously and realize the enormity of the trust you place in us each summer; to us, there is no greater responsibility. Our team of directors and staff oversees all aspects of your daughter’s summer and we know that above all, you are entrusting us to keep your daughter safe and secure. We work tirelessly to cultivate a culture where our campers feel comfortable and supported—both as individuals and as a group. At Birch Trail, your daughter’s physical, emotional and social well-being is always at the forefront of our thoughts and guides our actions on a daily basis.

We also know that just as every parent has high expectations for their child, your daughter comes to camp with her own hopes and dreams about what she wants to accomplish during her summer. We strive to understand and support her goals in every way possible. Whether it is learning how to get up on waterskis, perfecting a tennis serve, or learning how to share her thoughts and feelings with friends, each camper has unique aspirations for her camp experience. We make sure that Birch Trail fulfills these expectations. We hope to work with you and your daughter to understand her goals and we are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. It has always been our mission to provide our campers with the best possible camping experience and to that end, we continually work to improve our program, our facility, and our talented staff.

There are so many extraordinary memories and friendships that develop within our camp community, many of which will remain in your daughter’s heart for the rest of her life. We know that our campers cherish their Birch Trail summers forever, just as we do. Thank you for sharing your bright, beautiful daughters with us.

With love,