Future Families

The Birch Trail Family

The three pillars of our camp and family values are:


With our talented and trusted team working alongside the Chernov family, Birch Trail functions on an unparalleled level of intention and care in everything we do, all for the benefit of our campers.

A Typical Day at Camp

Our program combines freedom of choice—and the resulting sense of independence for our campers—with the structure of a balanced and coordinated schedule. Lesson plans for projects are geared to each camper's age and skill level, with schedules that alternate on an every-other-day basis for variety.

We are committed to encouraging and helping each girl do the very best she can, and activity incentives are structured on that basis. We have tennis rankings, water-skiing achievement levels and the like, all rooted on an objective, non-competitive framework. Praise for effort and achievement is given to all our girls—not just to the best competitors.


Day Activities

Our program combines freedom of choice and the resulting sense of independence for our campers with the structure of a balanced and coordinated schedule.


Night Activities

Our after-dinner programs are a great outlet for some silly, funny, wonderful, and entertaining efforts. We have a different evening program every night: in addition to two cabin nights and one "Village Night" each week, campers can enjoy all-camp evening programs such as dance parties, council fires and games like "Jewel of the Brule" (a special Birch Trail take on capture-the-flag).


No Mean Girls

We shape our community at camp so that our campers and staff feel accepted, safe and valued. We teach our campers the right ways to speak up for yourself and how to become upstanders instead of bystanders.

Wilderness Trips

We have a wide range of wildnerness trips that blend exploration and adventure from 7-day backpacking trips to the Isle Royale National Park to whitewater canoeing day trips on the Bois Brule and St. Croix rivers!

Our trips vary in length and destination according to age, ability and interest. Cabin trips operate on a progressive system so that each year a camper comes to camp, her cabin trip will change.

Family Camp

At Family Camp, each family lives in its own cabin; most provide spectacular lake views. We provide three meals a day in our main lodge, including hot food and a salad bar. There are enough wide-ranging activities throughout the day to keep everyone happy, occupied and HAVING FUN!

Family camp is a great way to spend time with your kids, sharing in their adventures and in their special excitements over accomplishments.

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