Birch Trail offers a wide variety of positions suitable for different skill sets and personalities; at our camp, there's a place for everyone! If you have questions about a particular job please give us a call.

As a staff member, you are on call 24/7, sleeping maybe six hours a night and spending the remaining 18 outside, running around with your campers, planning programming, catering to every need of your cabin and getting more mosquito bites than you thought physically possible. The dedication to your work, the happiness of your campers and their personal growth is incalculable. You want an easy, restful summer? Go get an internship. You can sleep all weekend long and get paid a lot more, too. If you are willing to work hard and want to make a difference in the life of your campers, please read more.

Open Jobs:

Cabin Counselor/Activity Instructor:
Live in a cabin* with and co-supervise 6-12 girls; must be at least 18 years of age. Being a cabin counselor is a lot like being a mom (you're on call 24 hours a day) because you live with and are responsible for a group of campers in their camp home and in their daily routine, ie. wake-up, cabin clean-up, meals, hygiene, rest hour and bed-time. One day you might dress up like your favorite musician and lip-sync a song; the next day you might reassure a nervous camper about to depart on a canoe trip. You will also teach one or more special skills with other members of our staff.

Climbing Instructor:

Supervise climbing project on 67-ft climbing tower; assist on off-site climbing trips, create lesson plans, train and supervise assigned staff and maintain equipment. Standard First Aid, CPR and Initiative/Ropes Course experience a plus. Prior climbing experience required. Our climbing wall is 67 feet high and 40 feet wide. It’s a state of the art, one of a kind freestanding tower complete with a 60 foot off width crack, bolted lead climbing routes and is made to simulate real rock.

Wilderness Trip Leader:

Guide cabin groups on overnight wilderness trips of 3-8 days. Under the direction of The wilderness trips director, pack equipment, and food. Must be 21 years of age or older, hold current CPR, First Aid, and LGT. Wilderness First Responder a plus. We can help you get certified!

Tennis Pro:
Supervise tennis project, set up lesson plans, train and supervise assigned staff, maintain equipment, as well as teach private lessons to interested campers. Prior teaching experience or competitive tennis experience required.

Camp Nurse/Nurse's Aide:
Live in the Health Center with one other nurse and supervise the administration of medications and health care maintenance in conjunction with the camp doctor and camp directors; daily review of cabins to ensure cleanliness. Student Nurse, Graduate nurse or RN a must.

Kitchen Assistant:
Assist in food preparation, service, clean up and kitchen maintenance.

Assist Kitchen Manager in general operation. Prepare meals for 300; assist in food preparation, service, clean up and kitchen maintenance.

Maintain guest facilities, office areas, and wash houses. Includes such things as dusting, making beds, vacuuming, and scouring toilets and sinks. Read and understand labels printed in English. Physical stamina required must take pride in a job well done!

Office Staff:
Perform traditional secretarial duties like reception, typing, filing, bookkeeping and tracking cash accounts. Help coordinate travel for campers and staff. Experience with Windows, Microsoft Word and Access a plus.
Drive out and pick up camping trips, help out in different areas in camp.

Co-Counselor Assignments:
Cabin staff members are often concerned about who they will be assigned to work with as their co-counselor(s). Your needs are important to us and we will ask for your input, but remember that we all work at camp to help the campers. We'll make cabin and instructional assignments near the end of staff orientation so that we can get to know everyone a little better.

First Aid & CPR
Standard First Aid and CPR is required for all counseling staff. We will certify you if you don't come to camp with your certification. Due to scheduling, this class is taught during a night that would otherwise be a night off. Lifeguard training is a plus for those interested in teaching waterfront activities.


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