Full Steam Ahead!

What a great day in the land of Birch Trail! Sunday, the second session campers arrived and the whole camp dove into the session feeling energetic and ready to party.
Despite the warm weather yesterday, spirits were high among four-weekers and eight-weekers alike! It was so beautiful outside and the mood was so upbeat that the campers and staff actually had a great time completing swim checks in the lake. After all the bags had been unpacked, and the swim and health checks were completed, we were all ready to get into the camp groove with—what else—a rousing game of Biffer! The evening was full of laughter, silliness and tons of whipped cream and flour, as always. And we all ended up jumping in the lake afterwards to cool off after all that running around.

Activities started up this morning and already I’ve heard campers saying things like, “I climbed to the top of the wall for the first time ever!” “Look at the bull’s eye I shot in riflery!” and “Check out what I made in tie-dying!” All of it is music to my ears. Tonight we played a BT version of the Harry Potter-inspired game, Quidditch, which is always a huge hit. And already tomorrow the first group of wilderness trips head out with L-5 and L-6 leading the way.
The first few days at camp can be a bit of an adjustment for your daughters and possibly for you as well—there’s absolutely no shame in missing your daughter and wondering what’s she’s doing all day. Though camp is an opportunity to allow a child to discover for themselves just how they want to be, it can also be a little scary, and that’s okay! The incredible network of support is here to help each camper settle into camp life in a way that works well for her. Our staff is here to guide her, to assist her when she needs us, and to cheer her on and support her in her daily activities. We are truly invested in your daughter’s well being, and we want this experience to be one that she will want to return to for many years to come. If you have any concerns or questions about how things are going, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at the office.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that the second session girls are experiencing such exciting spirit alongside the 8 week girls. As a parent from California, I must say it was very hard to say good bye to my daughter and know she is so far away but with such encouraging words and knowing how supportive the community of Birch Trail is, my mind, and heart are at ease. Thank you for the update and photos. They help me sleep better at night:)

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