Nightfall arrives late at camp; the sun doesn't set until 9:00 pm or later for most of the summer. Our after-dinner programs are a great outlet for some silly, funny, wonderful, and entertaining efforts. We have a different evening program every night: in addition to two cabin nights and one "Village Night" each week, campers can enjoy all-camp evening programs such as dance parties, council fires and games like "Jewel of the Brule" (a special Birch Trail take on capture-the-flag).

Every evening program is fully planned and prepped so that all the campers need to do is show up and have fun! We have a huge costume shop in camp, with over 1000 costumes for campers to borrow a costume any time they want. Filled with activities that involve group togetherness, being silly, getting messy and lots of laughs, our evening programs allow every camper to shine—and then drop to sleep exhausted at the end of each day.