Sunshine, Smiles, Activities, and More!



First Session is happily in full swing! After only these few days together we’re singing the songs louder and more confidently, taking on higher level activity challenges, and most importantly, happily greeting so many more new friends we see around camp. That’s the really cool thing; you can feel the whole community growing closer and caring for each other with every passing day.

Yesterday was the first full day of regular camp activities, so there was a real incentive for everyone to jump into the action. Today’s activities included everything from tie-dying to dance, and from diving to tennis. One of BT’s most frequently attended, most popular projects is yoga. Many of the girls at BT are becoming yoga masters thanks to internationally certified master yoga instructor (and longtime waterfront director Cabe’s wife), Jessie and her extraordinary yoga class. Set in the beautiful, open-air environment of a place we fondly refer to as “That Building,” each yoga class offers plenty of room on the cool, cement floor for growing yogis of every age and experience level. Jessie plays calm music and begins each class with stretching and relaxation exercises, before introducing a few new yoga poses. There seems to be an endless variety: tree, half and full pigeon, lotus, warrior, eagle, plank, child, frog and bridge poses. Some poses require two people to balance and harmonize together, adding even more challenge and interest.

The ever-popular climbing tower is likewise producing master climbers. Many girls have by now had multiple chances to climb, to work their way up, over and around the
different obstacles of the tower. Our daily schedule, with its large block of free time or “Prime Time” as we call it here, has all of this in mind. We know it’s really good for the girls to have these regular opportunities to explore the world around them. We also know that keeping things simple and providing the right balance of structured and free time helps your girls grow more confident, independent, and strong. It feels really good to them, too. That special happiness and contentment coursing through our days at camp is the wonderful result of that careful balance.

Walking around camp today, seeing girls enjoying simple things, things like just soaking their feet in the lake, curling up and reading in one of the wooden swings, playing tetherball before lunch, painting a design on a shirt or pillowcase (the list could be endless!), it can be astonishing how different camp life is from the technology-fueled hustle of the school year. Here at Birch Trail, girls can slow down and reconnect to aspects of their personality that often don’t have time to flourish. They can be more creative and imaginative, can play in their own way and at their own pace, and build friendships more naturally and easily. With such an incredible start to the session, I can’t wait to see what else is still yet to come!

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  1. The smiles on these girls’ faces is really what it is all about! It certainly makes me smile, and wish I were there. Congrats on an awesome first week of camp.

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