Bring on the Summer!


School is out and summer camp is in! It’s the first day of the 2012 camp season and already there is so much to be excited about! I’m delighted to report that everyone arrived safely at Birch Trail, and the buzz of so many happy, excited camp folks filled the BT landscape all day. It’s pretty incredible to see how much this place can change when the kids step off the buses—it’s truly the best part of my job to see so many old friends embracing, and new friends running off hand-in-hand. I know I speak for the entire BT staff when I say that we are so excited to be spending the summer with your children. We have a really fun summer planned, and I can’t wait to get started!

We have been thinking a lot about the first day of camp, and we bet you have, too. We know the first day of camp can be incredibly exciting and at the same time, kind of scary if you don’t know what to expect (even for parents). That’s why we adhere to some time-honored camp traditions that help make every single camper feel comfortable and at home here right off the bat. That’s also why we like to post these blogs as often as possible so that the folks at home can stay in the loop. Parents, relatives and friends can feel free to check in for updates and photos from camp, and of course you can always feel free to give us a ring.

Summer camp offers some of childhood’s most defining experiences and moments. Just ask the children and teens who get to go! Since summer camp came into existence, camps have worked in partnership with families and schools to help raise and educate young people. How that happens varies tremendously from child to child and from camp to camp, of course, especially since the definition of camp has expanded and changed since the 1860’s. Campers come to Birch Trail each summer from around the corner, the region, the country, and around the world! Camp—such a small, simple word—means different things to different people. But here at BT, camp means incredible friendships, tons of learning, and a whole lot of fun.

Of course, all of the fun activities and meaningful moments would not be possible without our tremendous staff. Each staff member is unique and brings talents and skills that, together, make up an incredible team of leadership. Most campers don’t think about this part, but the staff members at Birch Trail have been trained to make sure every camper has a great summer. They know just how to help BT girls transition from home life to camp life. Our counselors, trippers and specialty staff have spent weeks learning how to be great climbing instructors, cautious lifeguards, talented dance teachers, knowledgeable wilderness leaders, and have mastered the skills they will be teaching the kids over the summer. But they have also been trained to be fantastic role models, energetic leaders, and to keep everyone safe and happy at camp. They know their stuff!

After a very successful travel day, campers and staff alike were ready to jump into the fun activities going all around camp. With so much first-day-of-camp-joy taking place left and right, I could sense the excitement as cabin groups travelled together to get snacks and play games. As I walked around, campers told me about how they had waited for camp for so long and how glad they are to be here! I couldn’t agree more! After a long, sunny day the whole camp took to the lodge for our traditional first meal of spaghetti, and it was fantastic to see everyone enjoying a meal with their new cabin groups. The very first cabin photos were taken (look for pics of your daughter and her new cabin group up on the BT site a little later tonight), and after dinner the whole staff team entertained us all with the traditional first night’s Counselor Show.

Camp is definitely in full swing and there are so many highlights still yet to come. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest updates on what’s happening around camp.

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