The Wait is Over!


After months of preparation, planning, countdowns and waiting, it’s finally time for the first day of camp! Welcome, everyone, to Camp Birch Trail for our 2014 summer season! This is a most exciting day (even though it sure is a doozy of a busy one for those of us making sure everything goes according to carefully-laid plan) because it’s when camp finally comes back to life in full.

As the first day wore on, the girls explored their surroundings, set up their cabins and began to get to know one another. The sunny weather, friendly faces, and blue skies above made everyone’s games on the airstrip a total blast. Camp tours, cookies in the lodge and finally our traditional spaghetti dinner followed to put a perfect cap on a smooth travel day. The “Counselor Show” was tonight’s evening program, where the entire staff sang some truly classic songs and performed short skits to introduce themselves and get some laughs, but these skits are also a neat way for the campers to see that their counselors, just like them, are having fun by acting silly, letting their guards down and being supportive all the while. *Side note: I did notice about four different references to the recent Disney movie Frozen… it’s just a hunch, but I suspect this might be a major theme all summer long. Hmmmm.

It’s been a spectacular start to what I know will be a fantastic session, and I want to take a moment to say thank you to all you parents at home for helping make today’s travels go so well. There are, as you can imagine, about a trillion logistical matters to organize in order to ensure a safe and easy transition to camp for your daughters. A lot of that depends on your cooperation, and we BT folks are mighty grateful for all the help we receive on your end. So, thanks! We also appreciate your patience as we focus our attention on your children here at camp in these first few days; please do get in touch with us at the camp office by phone or by email if you have questions, and rest assured that we’ll get back to you just as soon as we’re able.

Lastly, don’t forget to take a peek at the pictures we posted after dinner tonight, which show your daughter at camp.  Very shortly we will be posting the cabin photos which will show your daughter with her new cabin group! We know you already miss her smiling face, so don’t waste another moment—get on over there and start familiarizing yourself with our daily photo gallery. It’s gonna be a big part of your day from now on, and you know it!

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