The Lucky Ones

Hello from camp! Things just couldn’t be better up here in Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Last Sunday we played a longtime camp favorite, Jewel of the Brule, which is always incredibly fun. Monday evening, after a fantastic day of activities, the whole camp played a crazy game called Bookshaka Lumberkjacka, where we put a decisively BT spin on a variety of lumberjack-themed activities all over the airstrip. Tuesday night’s evening program was village night, where the lindens enjoyed a picturesque night of bonding activities that culminated in making S’mores. The cabins learned to work together and communicate through various team-building activities, and the upper lindens got very excited thinking about living together as Tamaracks next summer. Meanwhile in Maple village, the maples had a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Maura, whose due date is right around the corner! It’s great to see the whole camp getting so excited to welcome a BT baby into the family.

Thursday was our annual backwards day, so we went to the international council fire right after breakfast, then had prime time, followed by lunch, then A3 and A2 projects, dinner, and wrapped up the day with A1 projects. Everyone wore their clothes backwards and the cabins all switched places at meals. TM sang lower maple cheers and the lower maples got to sing TM cheers, which was hilarious!  We belong to the American Camp Association and had our standards visit on Thursday.  The ACA has a Standards program which highlights certain guidelines that camps should achieve to be a healthy, safe, well run camp.  I am happy to report that we received a perfect score of 100% on our visit.


We’ve said it many times before, and here we see constant examples of just how incredible your daughter’s experience can be for her during her days at Birch Trail; woven into all the excitement and fun of camp are some significant lifelong benefits for kids that only we lucky few get to witness on a daily basis. And what a lucky few we are!

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