The Big Welcome


The past two days have truly been worth celebrating! Though we were sad to see our first-session campers go home on Saturday, it was fantastic to catch up with parents, siblings, family, and friends during visiting day, and we are delighted to report that the beginning of second session has already gotten off to a great start! As always, everyone worked hard to ensure that all of the campers’ travel went smoothly, and everyone has arrived safe and sound in camp.

For those of us working behind the scenes, “The Big Switch,” as we call it, marks not only the half-way point of the summer, but also a time to touch base as a staff unit, and to reconnect with our goals as a community.

As the first vans and buses began driving down the long, dusty driveway into camp, the 8-week-campers and counselors immediately began singing our welcome song and saying things like, “Welcome back to camp!” and “Welcome to Birch Trail!” With this much excitement bubbling up around here, the whole afternoon was positively a-buzz!

Our opening night’s traditional festivities included a spaghetti dinner, some important announcements for the new arrivals, and a fantastic show put on by our counselors and specialty staff. Everyone had a blast! Today we have been continuing  getting the new arrivals settled into the swing of things with health and swim checks. Our lake is fairly shallow, so it stays relatively warm this time of year and offers a pleasant, yet refreshing swim for our campers. Today’s weather is a bit on the chilly side so we decided to heat things up with an all-camp dance party (you can view the photos on line) and postponed our youngest campers’ swim checks until tomorrow (which has a warmer forecast).

We’re off to what is clearly a great start to second session, with all the girls settling down in their cabins as I type these words. It’s an incredible pleasure to see those first-night jitters subsiding as the new cabin groups get to know one and other and enjoy the first full day of the session. Seeing that energy, I can already tell we’ve got all the ingredients for a great camp session. Stay tuned to hear all about it!

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