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It takes a village

Before the summer ramps up and we get really busy I want to say thank you to our extended camp family for believing in camp and supporting Birch Trail.

I am often pleasantly surprised by the many wonderful gestures from our camp families. Phone calls, letters, and recommendations to friends and families; all of these are heartfelt and appreciated. Birch Trail does not market or advertise – everyone who comes to camp found out about us from a current or former person in the Birch Trail family.

When a child comes to camp we create a relationship with that family. Like the child, that relationship grows over the years. Some families send multiple girls to camp and we have a relationship with the family for 15 or 20 years. When the youngest child gets too old to be a camper or counselor and my conversations with that family stop, both the parents and I feel that something we have come to cherish is over. In many cases, we keep in touch, talking on the phone about each other’s families, exchanging holiday cards and having dinner after camp reunions.

Whether it’s a family whose youngest daughter finished camp 10 years ago who still regularly sends donations to the costume shop, the family who passes down camp gear to the next generation of BT girls, or the alumni who return each summer to volunteer and carry on heartfelt traditions, our families are warm, caring and the type of people with whom you want to be friends. They are certainly the type of people I want to form the foundations of our camp community.

The amount of trust you put in Birch Trail, and the friendships that grow from that are never taken for granted. Running a summer camp is a wonderful job and I am very thankful to have a career that I love.

Sure, Birch Trail is set in a beautiful location where girls can choose to spend their days gaining mastery in an activity, learning autonomy and independence or just lounging around with friends and enjoying some much needed downtime. It’s true that Birch Trail is also a collection of values, principles and ways for our community to thrive. But the true heart and soul of Birch Trail are its people. And for that I want to say thanks. Thanks for being one of our people. Thank you for choosing to be a part of Birch Trail and for being a part of our family.

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  1. Loved reading this and miss camp so much! Birch Trail will always have a place in my heart and The Weycer’s will continue to send boxes of costumes for many years to come. Miss everyone!

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