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Fun, fun and more fun

At camp, we like to have fun. However, like most things at camp, our fun has a reason behind it. Almost everything that we do at camp happens with planning and intention. Take our world famous game of Biffer (a very messy variation on the game of tag). Some people think that we just like to get messy and while that is true, there is a deeper meaning to the game of Biffer. We see Biffer (which happens on the 2nd night of camp) as a way for our campers to shed their city persona and settle into camp life. By learning that it’s ok to be crazy, silly and just downright messy, our campers see that camp is different and that it’s ok to let your hair down and just be yourself. Some kids get this right away and others need to literally get messy in order for the transition to occur.

At camp we establish the rules of our community early on. Our Sunday morning services talk about values that are important to us at Birch Trail like friendship, teamwork, sincerity and being true to yourself. Our campers and staff know it’s a place free from judgment and criticism. This is one of the main reasons they are comfortable wearing silly and crazy costumes. This carefully curated setting allows for things like dance parties to happen and be enjoyed to their fullest extent. A dance party in a setting where kids don’t feel safe is just not fun because no one dances out of fear of criticism and embarrassment. A dance party in a community where everyone feels safe and accepted is one of the most fun events ever! People are silly, crazy and free, they dance their hearts out and have more fun than they ever thought possible.

A dance party is just about letting loose and having fun in a safe setting. It’s good old-fashioned fun, which sounds like a great night at camp to me.

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