Creating Something Wonderful

What an incredible week we’ve had! With absolutely gorgeous weather and some pretty exciting programs, camp is definitely grooving right along. Tuesday had us enjoying an “Evening at the Races,” where the counselors raced each other as a horse and jockey, and the kids voted for who they thought would be the champions. The kids had a blast and the counselors had some very good workouts! Wednesday was cabin night and afterwards, while I was working upstairs in the office, I could see (and hear) several not-so-clandestine pop machine raids going on. On Thursday evening, we had our annual male staff counselor fire, whose participants included myself, John Duke, Dr. Finer, Chase the climber, Cedar and Casey the trippers, and Nick the waterfront man. Even baby Miles was part of the show! Yesterday after projects were finished for the day and dinner had been all eaten up, the whole camp played in a super fun program we call “Make it or Break it,” where teams are given a collection of items and are given assignments to make other bigger items out of their random supplies. The teams then compare their creations and the sturdiest creation wins. The campers get incredibly creative and resourceful, and it’s really a sight to see them creating something wonderful and elaborate out of the most basic supplies.

As part of our process of teaching responsibility, the campers—as you know—must work together to keep their cabins clean and well taken care of. Those cabins are scored on their cleanliness each day, and at the end of the week, the cabin with the best scores gets to go into Minong’s famous favorite spot, The Village Scoop, for ice cream. This week’s winning cabin was M7, who loved getting an after-lunch treat in town after all their diligent work.

Speaking of responsibilities, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind the parents at home about one of theirs. In keeping with the policies of many of our brother and sister camps in the area, we have in recent years been employing a “No Package Policy” here at Birch Trail, for many important reasons. Packages tend to create unwanted competition in the cabin if one camper gets many packages while another gets none, and having too many things at camp makes cabin clean-up and staying organized very difficult. If your daughter needs an item from home, please email us and let us know what she needs and we will let you know if it’s ok to send it up.  Please let your family members and friends know about our policy.

So far this session, we’ve been seeing quite a few packages come into camp that break these rules. When parents ignore these carefully considered policies and try to sneak food and gifts into camp, it sets a poor example for the campers and makes our job much more difficult. Starting Monday, we’ll be rejecting all packages unless they have been approved by us ahead of time and we know to expect their arrival. All unapproved packages will be returned to sender. Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation in helping us keep camp clean and the campers happy!

This weekend, the entire camp is incredibly busy with Pandemonium, first session’s color wars. To learn about how Pandemonium works, check out last summer’s blog about it here. With color wars and the 4th of July right around the corner, camp is feeling very full and very fun these days! In fact, I’m going to jump back into the action right now!

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  1. I’ve always wondered how they make those captains’ hats. I’d love to go as a Color War captain for Halloween!

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