Color Your Days Bright…Literally!


Happy Sunday from BT! And what a very special Sunday this is, because…today is Birch Trail’s 54th birthday! And for a middle-aged gal, she looks pretty fresh-faced, doesn’t she? To commence the festivities, Barbara and the TM campers led the camp in a special Sunday Service this morning that focused on the incredible, distinct nature of camp friendships—how to nurture them and hold them close for whole lifetimes. After 54 years of camping, Birch Trail has seen hundreds of thousands of beautiful friendships form and take flight here, so it made perfect sense to cover the important tools of communication and care that every healthy friendship requires today.

After lunch, the entire camp lived BT’s longstanding motto, “Color Your Days Bright,” with a multi-activity, full-frenzied, no-holds-barred relay race extravaganza. You’ll see some pretty wacky and wild pictures of the day’s events in the photo gallery, and you might just find yourself feeling exhausted just from looking through the photos! A few of the events, like the corn-husking and greased watermelon races, have been included in Birch Trail’s activities since the dawning of camp’s very existence. It’s pretty cool to think about this new generation of campers deriving joy and laughter from the same silly, messy activities as the campers did way back in 1959.

This afternoon the campers competed in both a hands-free pudding AND a hands-free whipped cream eating competition. In just about every other setting, kids are told not to play with their food, but here at camp, that’s exactly what we want them to do! After this we played a version of Drip, Drip, Drop (a little bit like Duck, Duck, Goose but played with water and flour).  In the grand finale to the messy showdown, the campers grabbed fistfuls of color-bombs (spaghetti noodles coated in different colored flour-and-water paste), to playfully throw at each other. Don’t worry, moms—everything was non-toxic, of course, and there were gluten-free color-bombs for all of our gluten-sensitive kids! By the end of the “Color-Fight,” everyone was covered in a rainbow of colors from head to toe; it was incredible! In an all-girls community of fun-loving, like-minded people, it can be fun to get a little messy just for the sake of fun.

Sometimes having fun at camp means getting messy, like everyone did today during the “Color Your Days Bright” races, and sometimes it means dressing up in crazy costumes, like we did for Friday’s “Toy Story” theme day, which finished up with a Drive-In type screening of the favorite movie on the airstrip, complete with popcorn, snuggles, and of course—the gorgeous summer stars shimmering overhead. And sometimes, fun means cozying up in a Crazy Creek lounge chair next to your best friend, sharing your thoughts and feelings in an open forum with the rest of the camp crowd like we did tonight. To close the BT Birthday celebration, we brought back another favorite tradition called “Wishes and Remembrances,” where each and every camper has the opportunity to share one wish she has for the rest of camp in future summers, as well as her favorite memory of her summer here at camp. This is a special time for campers to take stock of her time here, to thank her friends for all the incredible moments they’ve loved and laughed through, and for the whole camp to appreciate this last week we’ll have together before the session comes to a close.

At the end of the program, there will be s’mores for the whole gang, which will no doubt be met with cheers and smiles, followed shortly by sticky hands! It’s exactly the kind of evening we love around here—happy, full, and brightened by the smiling faces of so many gorgeous girls.

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