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Attending summer camp is a special gift for any kid, and as parents, we should feel fantastic about the sacrifices we make in order to give our children such rich experiences. Forming solid, life-long friendships is one of the many benefits of attending a longer-term camp, as is the kind of independence and confidence that comes from experiences enjoyed away from Mom and Dad.

All of the projects are in full swing now, with the usual favorites humming right along. The waterskiing crew zips across the lake all day, land sports is a huge hit this year, and knitting class is busy creating all kinds of cozy-looking treasures. We’ve added paddle-boarding down at the waterfront this summer, and the girls are absolutely loving it!

Overlooking the airstrip, our state-of-the-art climbing tower sees tons of daily action. The climbing tower is over fifty feet tall and boasts three sides, each with different obstacles and climbing challenges. There, campers can take on one of the many challenging routes, and can even participate in the “Mountaineers” program, where each camper can master rock climbing techniques like belay commands, knots, footwork and balancing principles.

Similar advanced-training programs abound at camp, taking place in a variety of areas including sailing (Skippers), mountain biking (bombers), canoeing (Sterners), archery and riflery (Defenders), and wilderness education (Voyageurs/Explorers).

Each program has its own challenges and skills that the kids must achieve before they can move forward to the next level, though they may take as long as they need in doing so. While one camper might be content to express her love of being on the water simply by sailing across the lake at Prime Time (camp’s daily block of organized free time) once or twice a week, another young sailor who has joined the Skippers program might devote her summer to learning all the parts of the boats, tying the most crucial knots, recognizing wind directions, and learning how to captain each type of boat we have at camp.

A benefit of staying longer at camp often inspires girls to take more advantage of the wilderness adventure trips we offer, too. Some of our older campers just returned today from the mighty Isle Royale backpacking trip with their beloved trippers, Rob and Rachel. Though their heels may have been covered in blisters and there were moments when they had to push themselves really hard, they had an opportunity to experience an amazing trip together in some of the most breathtaking surroundings this country has to offer.

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