Gabe and Erin Chernov, the owners and directors of Birch Trail, live in Milwaukee, WI with their three children, Raya, Miles and Finn. Serving as "camp mom and dad" every summer, Erin and Gabe create an environment where campers feel at home, feel cared for, and most importantly—feel ready to have fun! Having grown up at Birch Trail, Gabe and his two siblings enjoyed the values of the camp lifestyle: cultivating meaningful friendships, loving the wilderness experience, and creating memories that will last forever. Today, Gabe and Erin strive to raise their own children in that same loving, educational environment.

Gabe has worked at Birch Trail Camp for over two decades as everything from waterski instructor and trip leader to assistant director. He is an active volunteer serving on the Wisconsin Section of the American Camp Association board, Association of Independent Camps National Board, and is the President of the Midwest Association of Independent Camps. Gabe frequently speaks at industry conventions and conferences regarding professional camping and child development. His wife, Erin, began her camp career over ten years ago teaching the arts and crafts program and overseeing the Maple Village, BT's youngest campers. Prior to her work as a camp director, Erin was a 5th grade teacher and brought her passion for working with children into the camp environment with ease. Firm in the belief that healthy homes grow healthy children, Erin is proud to nurture so many bright, happy kids in her role as director at Birch Trail.

Erin and Gabe are just the third set of owners/directors in Birch Trail's incredible 55-year history, having taken the reins from Gabe's mother, Barbara Chernov. Barbara brings over 40 years of camping experience to Birch Trail and ran camp with her husband, Richard, from 1985-2011. She remains an active and integral member of the camp community as the entire Birch Trail family looks forward to many more years of fun, friendship, and memories to last a lifetime!

Emma Pucker is Birch Trail's Assistant Director. Emma has been part of the Birch Trail family for over a decade, first as a counselor, village director and program director before she became camp’s full-time assistant director. Three additional members round out Birch Trail's administrative team. Gabe's brother, Dylan, camp's longtime wilderness trips director, joins the family every summer along with his wife, Maura, a registered nurse, who oversees camp's health center.

Caleb Knight has been Birch Trail's waterfront director for almost three decades, and each summer travels all the way to camp from his winter home in Hong Kong, where he works as a child psychologist. Each member of the administrative team is capable of running camp. It is this breath of talent and this willingness to cooperate that enables Birch Trail to function on such an incredibly high level.